Coin Care

Never clean your coins, Never! No mater what you have read elsewhere never clean them, don't use soapy water, don't use coin dips, don't use a soft cloths and water. You should never clean a coin.

Always hold the coin by its edges. The oils on your fingers can do permanent damage to coins especially precious metals. My father still has a 1964 proof quarter that i touched in 1973, it still has my chubby little thumb print on it, that can't be removed.

Use cotton gloves to handle valuable coins to prevent fingerprints appearing on the coins. Coins, in my opinion, should never be cleaned. Cleaning damages the coin and can cause discoloring.

Do not use soft vinyl flip coin holders. They contain PVC which can give the coin a greenish tint after time and cause pitting.

Blue collection folders are not much better,even the two-sided ones,and are rarely used by serious collectors.

Coins should be Kept in an air tight container or a 2x2 dust free flip. If a coin is in a holder leave it in the holder. Breaking open the holder is never a good idea. Doing so, decreases the value of the coin especially from a mint-issue package.

If a minted coin has a holder, then the container is part of the set - meaning it’s intended to be intact. The package it was shipped in is equally important. Many proof sets or flat packs are delivered in an envelope and not having this envelope reduces the value of the coins.